The Plan.

OKAY. So we are going to give this a shot. We have discovered a number of ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint and still create quality products and happy customers. Below are a few methods we use that may surprise you!

STEP ONE. Direct fulfillment.

When we realized that our manufacturers overseas were willing to do the job of fulfilling orders direct to our customers we saw an opportunity to make a move towards less waste. Shipping to us first creates a huge amount of extra trash and requires a huge amount of additional space for storage which is expensive and uses extra power which increases that pesky carbon footprint. In addition, we save a bundle on operating costs which allows us to charge less for our goods, which we know for sure is a plus. This explains our longer than typical shipping times - your package is coming direct from our manufacturers overseas. Is waiting an extra week or so for a package worth the smaller carbon footprint and reduced cost? We think so and we hope you agree!

STEP TWO. #skipthepackaging

#skipthepackaging. This one was really tough. We LOVE packaging. Branded, beautiful, the more the better, right? Wrong. Even recyclable packaging has a problematic carbon footprint. The energy used to print and manufacture packaging is significant, even if it recycled. When we considered the sheer amount of paper we would use in the process of fulfilling thousands of orders we had to think twice. The downside here is that for many brands, the packing is an important part of what builds a relationship with the consumer(unboxing videos, much?). We decided it was worth trying to make our lack of branded packaging a plus side instead of a downside. We have started the campaign #skipthepackaging to inspire others to do the same and we hope you will join us in spreading the word! Tag us with your unbranded Ivy and Envy unboxing and we will feature you.

STEP THREE. Eco-friendly materials.

Another famously controversial aspect of the fashion industry the materials used in clothing and accessories. Materials that harm animals and the environment are a dime a dozen. But fortunately there are alternative options available for those willing to find them! We have discovered a wide array of vegan faux leathers and suedes that have been an amazing alternative to real leather. We have also used recycled materials in a few of our products as well to great effect.

STEP FOUR. Education + community.

Meaningful progress towards a cleaner more sustainable existence will only be achieved through a united effort by many people. The small choices we make every day over and over are what will have the biggest impact on on the environment. It's much easier to make small changes when we feel we are a part of a group that is united by a goal. We hope that Ivy and Envy can contribute to bringing awareness about the many new opportunities we have to reduce waste and live a greener life.

STEP FIVE. Always be learning. 

We live in a time a rapid change. The opportunities we have to live clean are always evolving. Our best chance of making an impact is if we have an ongoing commitment to learning what new options become available as well as learning how to live a more full life at the same time! What we know ultimately has a huge impact on the things we do and the clothes we wear. We hope you will join us as we pursue a greener earth, a smarter mind and of course, a better closet!


We want to say a huge thank you for reading this far. We recognize there are some things we have had to sacrifice in order to make our business more carbon friendly and hope you appreciate our intentions. The absence of quick shipping and beautiful branded packaging has been something our customers have had to adjust to. Thank you again for joining us in making the future of our planet a bit cleaner. Life is beautiful! And we want to do our part in making it beautiful for those who come after us. 

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