She's On The Edge

You know you are meant for something can feel it in your soul. But, you just don't know how to make it happen.You may be on the verge of greatness, you may be in the edge of panic, you may not know what you are even on the edge of!

Whatever it is, I got you girl, cause we are all on the edge of something!

Hey I'm so excited you are here! I'm Leslie!

My mission is to encourage, empower, and support women to help them in the journey of making their dreams a reality. I have seen so many women go through some major things in their lives (and I have gone through my share too) and after they know they want to do more. But figuring out what it is and how to get there can be scary. I offer a tribe of support while we go through the process. She’s on the Edge not only helps women figure out their plan but we also celebrate every little victory along the way!

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